Advantages and Disadvantages | Ready to Move in Properties

Ready for occupancy or ready to move in properties are units that are simply ready to move in. It is a finished home or property that you can transfer and live with anytime. A lot of people now a days, most specially if they have saved enough cash wants to buy a ready to move in home. They prefer that because they don’t want to pay for rent anymore. They already wanted to have their own home.

One Oasis by Filinvest (Ready-to-move-in) For inquiries contact: 0906-126-0888
One Oasis by Filinvest (Ready-to-move-in) For inquiries contact: 0906-126-0888

A lot of times, I do get clients who demands ready for occupancy units but couldn’t get ready for occupancy units. In this article, I will list down advantages and disadvantages in buying a ready to move in properties.

First, let us define ready-to-move-in or ready-for-occupancy units; This units are

  • completed house/condo/property that can be used anytime by the buyer the moment he pays for it.
  • utilities are installed or ready for installation

Advantages of buying a ready to move in home;

  • Can be used by you the moment you pay for it
  • Wait time is lesser compared to pre-selling properties
  • You just need to bring your personal belongings in and you can live there in no time
  • For resell units, usually utilities are already installed and ready to use
  • For new units, utilities are ready for installation.
  • Wait time is around few days to less than a month only
  • You can start renovations early if preferred
  • You can enjoy the readily available facilities and amenities

Disadvantages of buying a ready to move in home;

  • Needs a big amount of cash out in order for you to move in asap
  • Some developer gives shorter payment period for equity
  • Spot equity is usually preferred to be able to use the property asap
  • Price is usually 50-100% higher than the pre-selling price. filipinohomes

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