How to make your brand stand out?

Businesses today we’re out for a thrill. Having to compete with others in the same industry uniquely. Consumers or customers today are more engaged. They talk to the brands more and even contact them personally because of the birth of social media. If I may take on that one Miss Universe question the other day, on “What significant change in the world today that is not here 10 years ago?” I would say, the birth of social media. Social media made the business to consumer relations easier. Easier to get feedback, easier to address complaints and easier to extend help.

Your brand should stand out from all the gazillion products and services out in the market. Unlike the traditional way of making your brand known to people, like spending for ads on TV, fliers, the newspapers, and magazines, consumers today ditch on ads or posts that are too “sales” focused. They now know if the pitch was there to force you to buy one or get one. If your ads were too pushy, you are seriously in trouble. And I bet, it translates to your recent sales too.

So how should we make our brand stand out today?

1. Know your brand.

Not only you but the whole company should. And as their lead, you should know it by heart. What’s your brand? Why are you here? What problem are you solving? Are you solving a problem at all? Are people experiencing it? Why are you important? Why should I care? Why? As their lead or as a brand, you have to know why you’re doing it in the first place?

2. Love your brand/product/services.

They say if you love what you do, you don’t have to work at all in all days of your life. You see this as something you love and not as a job that needs to be done. You serve as an ambassador of your own brand. Wear your brand everywhere, talk about it and live by the rules. When you love your brand, you protect it like how you would protect your life.  *wink*

3. Tell a story.

Consumers today love stories. Stories of people they can relate with. Individuals who are experiencing what they are experiencing. People who are using your product that found relief, or found your product being helpful by using videos or photos of the real people, their real emotions and the real reactions of the consumer himself. Their personal stories, their experiences, their legit experiences. Not scripted with the intent of just only telling people a story, and making them feel what they feel about your company/product/service/ or simply you.

Building a brand and throwing it out there is a mix of trial and error. A risky and costly step in making it big in the market. You need to know what your market is like, how they tell the story. However, if you work with a well-experienced brand strategist, the probability of failing it first time is lesser compared to doing it all by yourself.

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