Money and Filipinos


 The foreigners keeps investing in our country, because they have seen something good in the near future in our country, and yet us Filipinos are not taking it seriously. I mean why wait for foreigners to own something us Filipinos own? Investing is not only for the ellites, it’s for evryone. If you start early, you’ll enjoy its benefits early too. You will only feel the Economic groeth they have been talking about if you save and invest. 

We were given opportunities but we keep on neglecting them because of the way we think. We always say we cannot afford immediately instead of thinking HOW we can afford it. We always say we cannot when in fact we can. The opportunities were open to us Filipinos and to us first. Unfortunately we were not open much to real investments, but we’d prefer to go for the easy money schemes, in the end, we still end up with nothing.

Educating Filipinos about money or finance is a challenge. Although we were very concerned about education and completing degrees, financial education comes the least. People til now still believe that if you learn more about money and how you should use them, you’ll end up greedy and evil. Which is seriously misleading.

I noticed lately, more and more millennials are gearing towards Financial literacy. Workshops and seminars are sprouting from here and there. I just hope you find the one that best suits your interest. There are free ones that you can choose to attend. As you go along and seek for more may you learn to prepare for the future not because you are forced to do it, but because you feel the need and you already know how important it is. 

I was once told, the people who thinks learning about money and finances is evil are the ones who actually asks and lend money from you.  And if you can’t lend them some because you have already allocated it to matters that are important to you, they call you selfish. Sad fact! 

As a millenial, i encourage everyone of us to learn and master it. So we don’t have to keep asking our parents for money to spend. We can live the kind of life we always wanted and eventually influence others to do the same. ‘Til next time. -xyzaspeaks

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