Writing at Filipino Homes

   This is what’s keeping me busy lately. I have been writing as a contributor to the Philippines real estate tourism website and magazine FILIPINO HOMES. It has been my dream to be part of a magazine team. Seeing my articles in a known website […]

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Money and Filipinos

   The foreigners keeps investing in our country, because they have seen something good in the near future in our country, and yet us Filipinos are not taking it seriously. I mean why wait for foreigners to own something us Filipinos own? Investing is not […]

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Tips on Saving Effectively

When it comes to saving money, it’s like dieting, the steps are pretty basic and we all know how simple it is — but its the execution and sticking to it that’s hard. I read this Supersavers article from thesimpledollar.com and checked the original article […]

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